Getting started

In order to prevent damages to your board, remember to:


  • never keep the board in touch with metal objects or surfaces while it is powered up;
  • never provide more than 3.3V in input to the GPIOs.

This step by step guide will lead you through the procedure to set up your UDOO NEO for the very first time.

The NEO can be used either a computer or as a “headless device”. A headless device is simply a computer that has been configured to operate without monitor (the missing “head”), keyboard, and mouse.

In both cases you need:

  • a Micro SD card (at least 4 GB);
  • a 12V 2A power supply or a 5V USB wall charger with micro USB data cable (a USB to micro USB data cable might suffice if you decide to power the NEO using your PC).

A HDMI monitor or TV, a mouse, and a keyboard are necessary to operate the NEO as a personal computer. Optionally, you might wish to use a USB hub or USB host OTG adapter cable to add a second USB port. An Ethernet cable might also be useful if using the NEO as a headless device.