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Project Purpose

The purpose of UMI-Sci-Ed (the Project) is to exploiting state of the art technologies (Ubiquitous Computing, Mobile Computing and the Internet of Things) to promote science education. UMI-Sci-Ed aims to empower youngsters to think creatively, apply new knowledge in an effective way, and become continuously competitive in a highly demanding working environment. The ability to switch efficiently between different disciplines such as science disciplines depends on processing effectively the educational material based on clearly defined outcomes, expanding a broad repertoire of ICT communication, problem solving and decision-making skills, and using the collective knowledge represented in networks, based on working environments. The orientation of UMI-Sci–Ed is entrepreneurial and multidisciplinary in an effort to raise young boys’ and girls’ motivation in science education and to increase their prospects in choosing a career in pervasive, mobile computing and IoT. Technological institutions (CTI, CIT, CUBIT) and academic organizations (University of Helsinki, Norwegian University of Science and Technology and University of Pisa), are core participants and partners in UMI-Sci-Ed.

Nature of participation to the Research

There is no compulsion to participate to this Research Project for the realizations of the experimental protocols. Your registration to the UMI-Sci-Ed Platform ( and your agreement in this form is equivalent to your consent to participate in the Research. If you choose to participate, you may at any stage withdraw your participation by deregistering from the Platform. In this case, your account will be deactivated.

All data collected will be kept anonymously in the databases using a system anonymous user code.

I have been fully informed about the aims and purposes of the UMI-Sci-Ed Project. I understand that my participation in the Research realised in the context of the Project involves surveys, interviews, cognitive tests and content that I will create on the platform and that usage data will be collected, stored and analysed. I understand that there is no compulsion for me to participate in the Project – and, if I do choose to participate (by registering to the Platform), I may at any stage withdraw my participation by deregistering from the Platform. The data that I have created during my registration period may be used for Research analysis, results and publications.

Any information about me on the Platform will be used solely for the scientific purposes of UMI-Sci-Ed Project and be compliant with the limitations and restrictions of use arising from this consent form and all applicable laws and regulations. This information may be shared between the researcher(s) and partners participating in this Project in an anonymous form. All information I give, will be treated as confidential. The researcher(s) will ensure to preserve my anonymity.

If you have any concerns about the Project that you would like to discuss, please contact:

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