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Have you organized STEM events for bringing together your community and want to share your experience? Are you organizing an event and want to get help and feedback from others? could you consider to do it in the future? Join the discussion and share your thoughts. The objective is to bring together different experiences and define some guidelines that can help teachers, students, parents, industry, ... to promote STEM education with community events.



This group is dedicated to the development of IoT (Internet of Things) scenarios and projects that can be designed and implemented in the context of everyday life of students, including but not restricted to educational in-class activities.  

Two Educational Scenarios, briefly described below, have been designed by CTI Researh team:

Welcome to the "Designing for STEM Program" group which welcomes teachers and students to come and learn more about the "Designing for STEM Program" and how it can be implemented in your school.

Members will have access to useful resources and tools, explaining the program in detail and these tools may in turn be introduced into your classroom, (i.e. new technology!)

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This group is aimed at creating a discussion on approaches and methods concerning interactive dynamics to observe during the LARGE SCALE PILOTS, in order to develop an Observational Protocol" (OP) tool, to be delineated according to the D7.1 goals



Data gathered during the running of large pilot testing group interactions. 

Applying of the proposed observation protocol.

Qualitative analyses.


Welcome to the Tiles camp!

This is an online group devoted to the activities taking place in Norway using the Tiles IoT inventor game.

All users from all countries are welcome to join, write questions or comments or exchange experiences and ideas! laugh

This group is dedicated to the Italian piloting phase, in particolar involving schools.

It will be populated mainly by Students, Teachers (and by selected Stakeholders)


For the Italian scenarios, in particular for Teachers, please visit:



This group refers to scenarios and projects developed in the conetxt of a MSc thesis in the Aegean University.


This group is used for Community of Practice of the Helsinki pilots


This group was set up to stimulate the participation of a Community of Practice around the subject of Robotics. This domain is covered by the UNIPI's Educational Scenarios on Robotics that involves an initial group of schools in Italy but that will be extended to all the interested stakeholders. The aim of the group is, like in the Networking Scenario, to present methodologies and learning practice to better introduce robotics to students at the high schools.