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This group is dedicated to the exploitation of IoT (Internet of Things) technology and enviromental measurements from school buildings in Greece, Italy and Sweden. The project is designed and implemented in the context of everyday life of students and school staff including several educational activities.  


This community is connected to the implementation of the UMI-Sci-Ed scenarios in Norwegian schools.

Other UMI-Sci-Ed participants are welcome! However, part of the discussion and the material might be in Norwegian. Contact us if you need any clarification.



IoT and UMI Technologies are completely a new concept, in the areas of science, industry, engineering, policy etc. It has attracted the main interest of research and development activities, as well as is a famous subject, of both press and social media. The importance of IoT and UMI Technologies, is the promising transformation of aspects, for everyday living activities and services.

This group is dedicated to describing the broader pilot activities which the researchers at Cork Institute of Technology (CIT) carried out with 5 pilot schools. (This group will remain private until it is populated with content)

This group is dedicated to describing the local piloting activities conducted by Cork Institute of Technology (CIT) in Ireland. As part of the local piloting activities, CIT implemented three UMI Scenarios - (1) Enterprise Creation using UMI technologies, (2) UMI Investigator/Creator Course and (3) Workplace Learning. The local piloting activities were implemented in two separate all-girl secondary schools in Cork. 



This community hosts the UMI-Sci-Ed project ativities in the context of the common scenario implementation of the broader pilot phase of the project.


Have you organized STEM events for bringing together your community and want to share your experience? Are you organizing an event and want to get help and feedback from others? could you consider to do it in the future? Join the discussion and share your thoughts. The objective is to bring together different experiences and define some guidelines that can help teachers, students, parents, industry, ... to promote STEM education with community events.



This group is dedicated to the development of IoT (Internet of Things) scenarios and projects that can be designed and implemented in the context of everyday life of students, including but not restricted to educational in-class activities.  

Two Educational Scenarios, briefly described below, have been designed by CTI Researh team:

Welcome to the "Designing for STEM Program" group which welcomes teachers and students to come and learn more about the "Designing for STEM Program" and how it can be implemented in your school.

Members will have access to useful resources and tools, explaining the program in detail and these tools may in turn be introduced into your classroom, (i.e. new technology!)

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