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UMI-Sci-Ed is targeted to 14-16 aged youngsters in European countries under the objectives of the work programme “Innovative ways to make science education and scientific careers attractive to young people”. Emphasis is put on the creation of knowledge based societies and social networks by the introduction and actual use of state of the art technologies (Ubiquitous Learning, Mobile Learning, Internet of Things). European countries need as potential employees youngsters who are able to think creatively, apply new knowledge in an effective way, become continuously competitive in a highly demanding working environment through constant self-monitoring and thus be able to stand up for all the challenges that work based learning brings.

The ability to switch efficiently between different disciplines such as STEM disciplines depends on processing effectively the educational material based on clearly defined outcomes, expanding a broad repertoire of ICT communication, problem-solving and decision-making skills, and using the collective knowledge represented in networks, based on working environments. The orientation of UMI-Sci–Ed is entrepreneurial and multidisciplinary in an effort to raise young boys’ and girls’ motivation in science education and to increase their prospects in choosing a career in pervasive, mobile computing and IoT