IoT in Class

IoT in Class

This group is dedicated to the development of IoT (Internet of Things) scenarios and projects that can be designed and implemented in the context of everyday life of students, including but not restricted to educational in-class activities.  

Two Educational Scenarios, briefly described below, have been designed by CTI Researh team:

My comfortable and smart classroom
The main purpose of this scenario is the introduction to the concepts of the Internet of Things (IoT) and the relative technologies through the development of a simple IoT application for the improvement of the classroom comfort conditions. With the use of proper sensors and an IoT development platform (e.g., UDOO) for the measurement of physical quantities like temperature, humidity, illuminance, air quality etc., the students will be involved in all the main steps of using the available hardware and developing software which will allow the transfer of the physical quantities values to an IoT cloud. Next, the statistical analysis of the measurements and their correlation with the personal comfort preferences of the students, will lead to the “best” values of the physical quantities.

Hands on the Internet of Things
The Educational Scenario (ES) entitled "Hands on the Internet of Things" includes a complete implementation of an IoT application. Ultrasonic sensor level control is one of the classic automation applications and is used either to generate notifications on specific events or to automate resource management. In this ES this application will be used to control the level and volume of waste in recycling bins. The educational scenario aims to familiarize students with cutting-edge technologies (such as the Internet of Things) through cross-curricular frameworks, exploiting Science, Information Technology and Mathematics. Students will be actively involved in group-based activities, undertaking and carrying out small complex projects.

UMI Project artefact of the "Hands on the IoT" scenario

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