Italian small scale Pilots Community

Italian small scale Pilots Community

This group is dedicated to the Italian piloting phase, in particolar involving schools.

It will be populated mainly by Students, Teachers (and by selected Stakeholders)


For the Italian scenarios, in particular for Teachers, please visit:





- The post test small pilot scale questionnaire, version for students, to administer after the running of scenario in small scale pilot,  is availble here as link to Google Forms

Please ask for informations to: (for issues also concerning the Student ID's)

Platform users' could use this link to see the Italian questtionnaire scale/questions:


- The version of students pre test cognitive questionnaire will be realeased in January (to be used in the large scale pilots).


Key Deliverables for this group (among all): D2.1; D2.2; D5.1; D7.1

Forthcoming: D2.3, D7.2

Per una versione aggiornata al 10 Marzo 2018 del Deliverable 2.3 in cui trovare anche i questionari e interviste per Insegnanti nelle scuole In Appendice "A")

Oppure cercare D2.3 nel Filedepot della piattaforma (WP2 folder).

Ask for informations:

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