Network headless device

You can gain control of your NEO by connecting an Ethernet cable and then by powering it up. It is useful, for this operation, the presence of a DHCP server on your local area network (LAN). If you do not know what a DHCP server is, you should ask your network administrator for help in this setup.

The procedure is the following:

  • insert the micro SD card with the OS in the NEO (if you have not done it yet);
  • connect your NEO to the LAN with an Ethernet cable; you will typically connect the cable to a switch or to an Ethernet socket in the wall;
  • power up the board, preferably through a 12V power adapter or a 5V USB wall charger;
  • The NEO will get an IP address from the DHCP server, and you must discover this address; you can either ask your network administrator or perform a scan of the network with one of the many available free tools, for example: Look for the MAC address of the NEO, which has this format: 00:C0:08:xx:xx:xx, and is manufactured by SECO. Now take note of the IP address (something similar to
  • Open a browser, type in the address bar the IP address noted in the previous step, and press Enter. After a few moments, you should see a dialogue box asking for your credentials (user and password). The default credentials are: “udooer” (for both user and password). The login dialogue may not be shown if using the preloaded version of Udoobuntu.

It is also possible to connect the NEO to a wireless (Wi-Fi) network. However, you must first get access to the NEO in one of the two modes described above , i.e. via USB or Ethernet, and then configure the NEO with the wireless network parameters (typically the SSID and the secret key). See 3 to know how to reach the Wi-Fi configuration page.