Use as a lightweight PC

When attached to keyboard, mouse, and monitor, the UDOO NEO can be used as a small desktop computer.

Please notice, however, that UDOO NEO is a SBC designed primarily for do-it-yourself electronics projects and experiments. The performance of UDOO NEO as a desktop PC is limited and you cannot expect it to match the capabilities of your ordinary desktop computer. For example UDOO NEO lacks accelerated hardware video decoding, thus watching videos on UDOO NEO will not be a satisfying experience. The graphical user interface (GUI) also does not support some important features for browsing the web that you may be used to.

To set up the NEO and use it as a lightweight desktop PC, you need to:

  • Insert the micro SD card with the OS in the NEO (if you have not done it yet).
  • Connect the keyboard and mouse to the USB port(s); use a USB hub or a USB host OTG adapter cable to get access to two USB ports.
  • Connect your monitor via a micro HDMI cable or adapter.
  • Optionally, plug the Ethernet cable.
  • Power up the board: in this configuration a power source providing at least 2A is suggested; therefore use a 12V power adapter or a 5V USB wall charger.

The main screen of Udoobuntu should appear on the monitor after a few moments.