Programming Arduino from an external PC

In order to program the Arduino side of the NEO through the Arduino IDE running on an external PC, you need to:

  • Create a micro SD with a recent version of UDOOBuntu and insert it into the UDOO NEO; refer to section 2.1 for instructions.
  • Connect the UDOO NEO to your PC with a micro USB cable; on Mac and Windows PC, you might need to install additional software: refer to section 2.3.1.
  • Install and configure the Arduino IDE.

    • Download and install on your PC the latest version of the Arduino IDE from the official Arduino web site (
    • Once installed, open the Arduino IDE and go to File → Preferences; in the "Additional Boards Manager URLs" copy and paste this text:
    • Now go to Tools → Boards and open the Board Manager; wait a few seconds until the end of the "index download", then look for "UDOO NEO (iMX6 SoloX) by UDOO Team" as shown in the picture and install it.
    • In Tools → Boards you should now see the "UDOO NEO (Cortex M4)" menu line; click on it, leave the Tools → Ports unselected.

Now you are ready to use your UDOO NEO with the Arduino IDE installed on your PC as you would do with a standard Arduino board. For example, pressing the Upload button on the Arduino IDE will load a sketch on the M4 processor of the NEO.